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3161 Strandherd Dr #301, Nepean, ON K2J 5N1

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Suzie Gravelle
3 months ago

I cannot believe how good this place is! I found this place on Door Dash and like to try something different everytime (I wish the delivery fee was cheaper though)! I'm not a vegetarian or vegan anymore but I still prefer these types of food. The flavors are SO good. I haven't been disappointed yet. Keep up the great work over there! I look forward to coming in when the world gets back to be a little more normal.

Nadia Woods
5 months ago

Great place to eat. Special shout out to the manager. I highly recommend going in when he is working. His name is RAJAT, I assure you won't be disappointed. I must say owners are very lucky to have this polite gentleman working for them. Great job.

Sarah Saroop
6 months ago

Not sure if it's this location, but we at the QCH ICU are so thankful for your generous contributions during this pandemic! The food is absolutely delicious! So many choices and the person I spoke to was absolutely lovely :) Would definitely recommend take out!

Nicole Ouellette
8 months ago

Very good food, very cozy atmosphere, very excited to have a good vegan place to eat close to home. Extremely DISAPPOINTED with the service again. I don't want to blame or say anything bad about staff because I've worked in food service for over ten years and I know what it's like, but I've never experienced anything so unprofessional in my life. This is my second bad experience here, all due to the service. First time was new years afternoon, so I figured staff were off their game because it sucks working on a holiday. That day my fiance and I took his mother out for dinner, it was moderately busy. They were serving meals completely at random with no rhyme or reason as to who or what got served next, drinks came out at random, one of us got a beer, then ten minutes later we got another beer. Food was very cold. In a restaurant, especially when you're busy you serve drinks first, then you provide the appetizers, that gives you time to catch-up while still keeping people happy. AND you serve people who are sitting together all at once! You never serve one person at time, ever. I let it slide the first time even though I was a bit embarrassed that the first time we convince his mother to eat at a vegan restaurant it was a gong show and we had to return her meal. Our most recent visit was just as bad, but it was quiet and we were the only ones waiting for food in the sit down area. We ordered our food and a beer each. After waiting for a bit, eventually we wonder where the drinks might be, from where we were sitting we could see two beers that were semi-poured sitting behind the counter, abandoned. Eventually the same server comes back, proceeds to leave the building to go get change at the bank while our beers still sit there, sort of poured. When our food is ready I ask if those are our beers, the girl then hands us two semi-full beers, one is far emptier than the other, both of which had been sitting at the tap since we ordered them. How hard would it be to finish pouring two beers, hand them to us, then go get change? The staff clearly need to be trained in customer service and in what typical food service looks like. It's unbelievable, and I don't know I want to come back again honestly.

Nicolas Levi Armstrong
4 months ago

My current favorite place to takeaway. I highly recommend the deluxe burger if you want a burger.