Copper Branch

180 Enterprise Blvd, Markham, ON L6G 0G4

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Chris J
in the last week

Really delicious... to good to be vegan. I had the vegan chilli as well as the nachos and must say the food was so hearty and filling I truly couldn’t believe there was no meat. I was also pleasantly surprised about the non-dairy cheese and sour cream which were fairly authentic compared to the real thing. Will definitely return

Elle James
a month ago

I always get the General Copper bowl. The General Copper “meat” itself is delicious. Keeps me coming back!

Jason Van de Weeld
2 weeks ago

Though I don't typically go to a vegan restaurant, my friend wanted to show me this place and I am glad that they did because the food here is really good! I will definitely try to come more often!

2 months ago

Absolutely delicious! Such great service, friendly staff. The food is incredible! I'm so glad Markham has such an amazing plant-based restaurant. Would definitely recommend to everyone and visit again!

Will Chou
2 months ago

Had the general tso copper bowl, and was pleasantly surprised! The flavour was immaculate, and texture was just like real chicken; didn’t expect it to be mushrooms!!! So good!! Would recommend to all friends vegan or not. Definitely coming again