3401 Dufferin St unit 601 b, North York, ON M6A 2T9

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2 months ago

Obviously this is my favourite chain of restaurant but this is a beautiful place. I normally go for “fish n chips” but I went for the tacos. Definitely a good choice. A lot of lettuce but it was definitely fresh, the quinoa and beans were beautifully cooked (I just think there should be more) the tacos added a necessary texture and unique flavour. I loved the service here and it was a beautiful place. Also I am so happy they finally have alcoholic beverages! I did get chips with my bowl but the bowl itself is quite filling.

7 months ago

We stopped by for a quick vegan dessert run. There were plenty of options. The chocolate donut and red velvet cup cake were both rich, moist and not too sweet. The dessert tasted “normal” that I almost forgot we were eating a vegan dessert. Often vegan desserts are overly sweet to compensate for the ingredients they’re missing, but these were fantastic! It was about $5 each dessert which is pricey, but in comparison to other treats in the mall (ie. Iced coffee or smoothie) it’s at par.

Josiah Crocker
11 months ago

By Chloe was a disappointing experience. After going to New York and trying it for the first time I was extremely excited to learn there was one opening here in Toronto. I finally had a chance to check it out this last weekend at Yorkdale Mall and what a difference. It took a while to get our food, which isn’t a terrible thing. But I watched an order of sweet potato fries sit in the window from the moment I entered and not get used. Just before my order was ready a fresh order of the fried was put up which I assumed would be mine. It was not. They gave it to someone else who had ordered after me (and the same sandwich I ordered) and then a minute later gave me the fries that had been sitting there since I arrived. When I mentioned this the cashier said “it’ll still be warm, don’t worry”. On top of that, the staff was fighting with each other in front of guests about something, not sure what. Very unprofessional. $20.00 for a burger and fries, by Chloe has every opportunity to be worth it, but old food, unprofessional staff and long wait times make this a very bad experience. Multiple other customers I was sitting beside were having similar discussions. I hope they get it together here because this can be a great place to go if it lives up to its New York locations.

Isabella Jusková (bellaskova)
8 months ago

Cute little place in Yorkdale. Staff is very helpful and friendly. They were glad to assist me with my order and were cautious of my allergies. I got the mac and cheese and I have to say that the "bacon" was the best part. I would order extra of this next time. The poutine cheese and gravy was incredible though! Super tasteful. Again, I'd probably order extra though. Yummy cookies and a very tasty red velvet cupcake!

sebastian miyashiro
10 months ago

As a meat eater, I can say that I just love the concept and food of this restaurant. As a first timer eating in a vegan restaurant, the service was really good and the recommendations from the waiter as well. Would love to come back anytime soon!