Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen

3290 Midland Ave #9, Scarborough, ON M1V 3L3

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Meray Gervay
a month ago

My family has been coming to this restaurant for over 30 years! The ladies still recognize my sister and I when we come. This place has the best vegan/vegetarian food and have always been a favourite of ours since I grew up vegetarian! The Dim Sum is fantastic, lemon chicken, anything with the black bean sauce and the stuffed bean curds. Honestly everything is great. This place has a special place in my heart and my families and I will always highly recommend. Also, while in the plaza check out the bakery next door!

Joy Lee
6 months ago

The Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen has been around for ages. It is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in this area! While, food can be oily, as with most more traditional Buddhist vegetarian restaurants; their dishes are none-the-less delicious. The oil used in one dish can probably be used for four to five dishes at another restaurant. To avoid "a moment on your lips, a lifetime on our hips/guts" situation, you can inform the kitchen to cook with less oil when the order is being placed. This will reduce the mishaps of the dishes being drenched in oil. My go-to dish is stirred fry rice cake. It's usually enough for 2 meals. it's always delicious. Rice cakes are constantly perfectly cooked with a slight chew and not too soft. Overall, support local and visit The Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen if you are in the area! Take out and delivery on UBER Eats are available during this physical isolation period.

Gastro W.
11 months ago

My first taste of Chinese vegetarian cuisine was from Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen, a cozy casual restaurant tucked in a dated but nonetheless well-trafficked plaza in Scarborough. Things have changed: lunches were busier in my childhood, whereas on a recent visit there was no wait despite it being the weekend; and things were drenched in oil, while now they show restraint. What stayed constant is their low prices and simple but satisfying dishes. Do not visit without getting a plate of the vegetarian “dim sum” (the small pictured for $4.50), which is deceiving as it’s not really the steamed dumplings synonymous with dim sum. Rather, they are pieces of gluten and tofu, prepared in different manners (braised, fried, steamed) and flavoured with various sauces (sweet soy, curry, sweet and sour) all served warm to munch on at the beginning of the meal. This is the “it dish” for the place. In fact, you’ll see many people visit just to get this as take out. The stuffed bean curd skin ($4.50) was one of my favorite dishes, but sadly the recipe has changed. While they’re less oily, it’s now deep fried instead of pan fried so there’s no difference in texture on the wrapper (I loved having the contrasting crispy and silky bites of the past). The filling, which was hot and plentiful in the past, is now stingy and lacks all the different vegetables and fungus that gave it the interesting flavours. Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen’s soups are all a combination of bean curd, vegetable, corn and bamboo - the sweet corn soup with vegetable and bean curd ($4.50 for small) is one that offers three of the four ingredients. It’s a simple concoction made with a semi thick cream corn base with tons of tofu and bits of mushrooms mixed in. It’s tasty, but a few chopped green onions would help add some colour.

Jack Ng
3 months ago

good food for the dollar spent. nothing fancy. clean

Lemeno P
7 months ago

Great chicken balls and soup. Big plates for a good price. If you’re a fan of soy and seitan you’ll be happy here