Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant

666 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1H9

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(416) 603-3811
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3 weeks ago

Highly recommended for really good vegan/vegetarian food in Toronto. Filling dishes and extremely good prices. You also can easily share a couple dishes with plenty to enjoy the next day. I swear they make you love your veggies and mushrooms even more with the amazing sauces and method of cooking.

Shelly Avner
2 weeks ago

Best vegan Chinese food in Toronto. I've gotten take-out, delivery, and I've dined in - each and every experience has been amazing. For take-out and/or delivery, the food always arrives and stays very very warm. For dine in, the service is lovely and it's really nice to sit in a quaint and small restaurant. I recommend Buddha's Vegan to literally everyone. **Pictured: 52 Soya Steak & Vegetables on Crispy Noodles, 63 Stir-Fried Green Beans with Veggie Chops, and 76 General Tao's Veggie Chicken

Laísa Fioravante
3 weeks ago

I had an incredible experience with their customer service! They were so amazing to us! The food is also very tasty and with excellent prices and generous portions! They deserve the best and you won't regret to support their business! Loved it!!

Jayvis Wan
a month ago

How could I forget to review this amazing restaurant after being its long-term customer for many years? I frequented to this place since my first year in University. Their food tastes amazing and the portions are huge. The price is cheap. Servers are heartwarming and always come with a smile. I would like to support a restaurant like this amidst the pandemic.

Andrew Yeung
a month ago

One of the best veggie restaurant in Chinatown...Enjoy...