Big Mood

423 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

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David Goldsby
a week ago

They have some great food. It’s hard to find good places that specialize in vegan cuisine. It was definitely a spot to try out. You won’t regret it. “ITS THE BIG MOOD FOR ME”

Hannah Goetz
a month ago

Food was amazing, better than amazing. I’ve been struggling going out and finding vegan options and this hit the spot. The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is spectacular and the Mac and Cheese is soo good. Super friendly and such a cute aesthetic.

Megan Bingham
a month ago

I was in love with this place when it was Root and Bloom. I thought the menu for Big Mood was going to be pretty close to the root and bloom menu. So even though the the restaurants new make over isn't anywhere near as asteticly pleasing, I thought that because the chef has not changed (or should I say, hasn't been fired, seemingly like the rest of the amazing staff they can't seem to keep), things would still be delicious. However, now it's almost like everything is deep fried and/or super unhealthy. I knew the goal was to be move people in and out faster, but it's now basically a fast food restaurant. Even the chips for the nachos are deep-fried. My boyfriend ordered a burger and literally the entire burger was fried, bun and all. Im curious if any of their other loyal customers feel like they want some of that root and bloom vibe back. Most people who choose to venture in to a plant based restaurant want to eat healthy, delicious food. It's so disappointing. Please, for the love of God, let the chef put the heart back into the food.

Zachary Jenney
a month ago

#bigmood I went a couple weeks ago, hoping to enjoy a great vegan meal. I left feeling a bit disappointed. Overall the food was okay, but doesn't represent a great value, especially when the menu is somewhat hit and miss. The service was very good, and there is a large, beautiful patio in the rear that offers a dining space more tranquil than your average city spot. I order the California Burger with their house patty, and was initially disappointed that for $12 you don't get any side with the sandwich. The burger itself was overall pretty bland. The guacamole, and the corn 'salsa' didn't add much flavor and were completely overwhelmed by the "pinkpea" patty. The patty was good, if a little plain. The tomatoes weren't great and lettuce was past its prime with one large piece of lettuce in particular being very brown. The 'buffalo chicken' salad my spouse ordered was pretty good, with the Buffalo chicken being crispy, and nicely flavored.

Amanda Nicole
a month ago

So, I've been coming here for a while, but i don't come often. The new menu sounds good, but I find the soy free options to be a little boring. I will say that I tried the far out fries last time I was here and they were really good! But I was hoping for a creamy sauce (thats soyfree) to go with them though. I could barely taste the sauce that was on it.