Basil Box

5607 Yonge St, North York, ON M2M 3S9

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Philip Lee
a week ago

Big fan of Basil Box, but I simply cannot recommend this location. The customer service at this location is simply just terrible. They cheap out on the portion of ingredients and force customers to pay extra. I got like 8 pieces of chicken and that was my protein... not to mention my noodles were not even fully portioned. This location is a disgrace to the franchise. Save your money and get a better meal at a proper restaurant. It is better valued.

a week ago

Stopped by here today since we received a free coupon from the Street Eats Market. I like the option of building your own box; food was quite fresh and the portions were decent. I’d recommend the Lemongrass Chicken and the Beef Steak.

a week ago

It's clean, bright, and full of choices - but in my opinion the taste and quality is just OK. Lots of the options of the menu frature proteins that are a bit dry, and I feel it's catering perhaps too heavily to the gluten-free and vegan side, which I presently am not. So overall, it's a good location (PRIME REAL ESTATE SPOT TOO) with surprisingly convenient parking but serves a type of food that I don't identify with or enjoy too much, though it is by no means bad.

Jason Gafar
2 months ago

This was my first time visiting a Basil Box location. The food both looks and smells absolutely delicious. The restaurant for the most part was quite clean. The biggest criticism I have of this restaurant is that the music was blaring loud. I felt like I was dinning within a nightclub. I'm a quiet, studious person, so loud music definitely doesn't appeal to me and makes me quite uncomfortable. The prices are quite high to be honest. The food was fresh and appetizing. I will definitely visit again. I also love how the location is right at a major intersection. Super convenient. 👌

Tytan Powers
in the last week

Taste was very good but very overpriced for the amount of food you get, I was still hungry after. 2 of us ate there for a total of 35 dollars. Extremely overpriced. I got a pad Thai and my coworker got Thai Pao chicken and Overall we were both upset and dissatisfied and worst of all, still hungry. Edit- We both got an iced tea and I left a 2 dollar tip. Basically you're saying that 2 iced teas and a 2 dollar tip is 15 dollars? So you tell me how my total was 35 dollars. We were walk in too, not delivery. I'll take a pic of the receipt. Don't gaslight me, I'm a credible reviewer.