Allentown Pizza

94 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

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Joe Henderson
a month ago

Vegan options I have tried taste great... They definitely don't sacrifice flavor. I have tried their vegan White Pizza, along with just a regular vegan Veggie Pizza which allows you up to five veggies (I just get double mushroom on half and tomato on the other). The vegan Garlic Knots are outstanding as well.

Aurora Bouvier
3 weeks ago

We’ve had excellent food at Allentown Pizza before, but the last two times we ordered we received the wrong food. The first time this happened we used Door Dash so it was easy to say the driver made a mistake but this time we picked it up directly and they gave us 10 wings of the wrong flavor when we ordered 20 hot wings, and the pizza wasn’t fresh. Very disappointed!

Sarah Geraci
5 months ago

Can we talk about the garlic knots and blue cheese. Pizza is a little undercooked to my liking but they have a large variety of pies for those veggie and vegan eaters. Me myself loves a good meat filled pie but I do appreciate the large selection and great customer service. They move speedy fast on those slammed out weekend nights

Kelly Klose
6 months ago

I ordered a pizza tonight and asked for a thin crust. They only have one crust. I do this because no one in Buffalo seems to be able to bake a pizza crust properly. Once again doughy and mushy in the middle. Got better pizza in Colorado at 10,000 feet. Also an order of wings with NO celery OR carrots. Are you kidding me? I will fly to CO before ordering from them again. Of course they didn't answer the phone when I called to complain. 😡 Wow. Just talked to the manager today. Not the only complaint about under cooked pizza. He offered me a refund or a new pizza. Have to give these guys 5 stars for that!

bertha valle
a month ago

Food was good as well. We will definitely visit again!