Natural Blend Vegan Cafe & Juice Bar

243 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11233

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Ashton Rudder
2 months ago

Great healthy food, good customer service, vegetarian food with carribean influence.

DeMarius McClusky
3 months ago

My family and I have gone to Natural Blends every week or so to order food. Easily I personal spent close too $1000 plus on food & beverages (including generous tips) at this establishment. Lately I have noticed trends of inconsistency in the food's freshness, taste quality of service. Today 8/14 was the last straw. I spent $80 on food and paid for several plates of food. Rather than receiving what I asked for which was cabbage and quinoa. I received a fist full of spinach and rice. It wasn't until I arrived at home that I realized the error. In all of the orders. So I called the store and spoke with what seemed to be the manager who stated that while making my $80 order of food they ran out of what I had already paid for cabbage and quinoa. As opposed to offering a solution the manager stated that my order was fulfilled without any notice or communication. I informed the manager that due to her poor handling of the situation it would be the last time I would order food from this location. She said I'm sorry and hung up the phone. I am changing my once 5 star rating to a 1 star as this is not the first time errors were made, but ultimately the straw that broke the camels back.

Fiona Nolan
a month ago

I loved this place the first time I went, but then I noticed that the women working there aren’t wearing their masks properly. They cover their mouths but not their noses, that defeats the purpose of wearing the mask in the first place. I will not be returning ever, nor will my friends, family or their families and friends. Their negligence during a time of a pandemic is not excusable especially for people who work around food. This is disgusting and I hope they either get the proper training or find other people that understand how to wear a mask properly.

Rafael “Ralph” Gonzalez
2 months ago

In fairness, I have not tasted anything else from the menu except for their patties. I also enjoy their juices. I'm looking forward to order other items off the menu.

Annabelle T.
a month ago

I absolutely love this place. The food here is amazinggggg. Came here for breakfast one morning. I ordered the cake and salt fish and the vegan waffles. I haven't had vegan waffles ever and these were better then regular waffles! The fried bake was delicious as well. They also have vegan patties that are a must try. The lentil is my favorite. Staff was friendly as well. There is a little wait for food. I will definitely be back