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Christina Rivera
2 weeks ago

I regret writing this review as I realize the pandemic has hit many of our cherished businesses hard, but I felt the need to since I used to have such a love for this place. I went in for a late brunch yesterday after not having visited the restaurant in about a year or two, and immediately was struck by how ugly and tattered the place looked inside. I had to do a double-take, because I remember this place having a beautiful ambience, and now it looks like a dirty, neglected diner. This made me even more surprised to see the menu prices as way too high. Further, when I ordered my food and saw and tasted it, I was even more disappointed at the lack of quality, taste, and effort in the food served. The $10 soup special - cauliflower and artichoke - was literally a bland white puree of probably only those two vegetables and salt. The brunch pancakes advertised to come with seasonal fruit for $12, were 3 small-to-medium sized pancakes with literally less than 5 slices of a banana and a couple strawberries on top. I remember the food at least being plated and beautifully presented, but this was not the case. I was appalled and beyond disappointed and do not think I will return until there is improvement. COVID-19 REGULATION NOTE: I have to remark on the amount of people who were eating inside - I did not feel that the restaurant workers were observing any capacity ordinances as the small restaurant was nearly packed, and that is why I sat outside. The bathrooms also did not seem clean nor maintained well. I hope this restaurant cleans up and does a better job of pricing the now-lowered quality of food and ambience.

Emese Latkoczy
2 months ago

Not as good as it used to be. Menu is not really creative or varied. $15 for a slice of carrot cake? Even for NYC that is steep.

Pastor Adahir Cisneros
3 months ago

Great place, the serve is good and de food es so delicious. 100% vegan

Aphrodite Dikeakos
3 weeks ago

Great Ceasars salad, and I enjoyed the beyond burger plate. The staff was very friendly and courteous. Nice place for a date or group of friends!

Gabriel Sanchez
2 months ago

Salt and pepper, apparently doesn’t exist here. Food is bland, uninspired, and extremely lacking. Cardboard and socks taste better. The ketchup was the best thing.