Pho Kim Tuong

856 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0C4

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(204) 661-8888
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2 months ago

Been going here for years if I want Vietnamese or Thai food. Definitely try their Vietnamese Coffee. And their deluxe Pho is really good. And if you are not big on spicy food, then tell them not to put any spice whatsoever. Because if you ask for spice level 1, it still has a strong kick. I like spicy food but my internal organs don't... so there are days I have to ask for lesser spice... and I realized level 0 is what you ask when you don't want any spice at all. Their ambiance is really interesting. Too much going on but I came here for the food.

Ann B
a month ago

The food was ok but the attitude/ customer service from the owner (the elderly Asian gentleman at the front desk) was beyond terrible unfortunately. After we paid, we was just waiting for our friends to pay for their check, he yelled at us, saying that we should go away or we would spread corona everywhere?! What the heck!!! it was so RUDE of him! We literally just ate and paid for our meal, this was not very professional nor appropriate way to speak to your customer! It was not what you said, it was how you said it Mr. Kim Tuong! Oh wait, there were more, the spoon, fork and chopsticks literally still got a piece of green onions and dried noodles on it. We should have taken picture of it tho, but we was nice about it and just asked for another set of silverware. So gross!!! Definitely not worth our money for that rudeness and unsanitary. Leaving with a bad taste in our mouth :”

a month ago

The food here is delicious!

a month ago

Great Vietnamese food ! When in Winnipeg don’t miss this place ! Highly recommended

Phil Polvorosa
a month ago

Great pho and try their wings. They're not your typical style of wings you would normally find at other restaurants. Sooo good!