Le Monkey Bar

50 Provencher Boulevard Kiosk #3, Winnipeg, MB R2H 3J2

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Kerri MacKay
2 weeks ago

I’d heard great things about Le Monkey Bar and it was fine, I guess, but not what I’d expected. I suppose non-vegans may have different ice cream standards from vegans? I understand it’s a specialty product but I didn’t feel like it was great value for money. I would go again and try a different menu item, perhaps as the one I’d initially wanted wasn’t on the menu - but that’ll have to wait til next summer as we went the last day of the season.

O&C Mobile Services
3 months ago

This is our third summer going here and the first year it was awesome! Last summer not as good. The one smoothie that I liked, they quit making so yeah... oh well so I picked another one. Not half as good. Then we went for the first time this year a few days ago and were extremely disappointed. Payed over 7 dollars for this tiny little smoothie that I had down in about five gulps. Less than half the size of 2 years ago, definitely less than half the weight and definitely not half as good. Won't be back there again.

Jennifer Franklin
3 months ago

On the way across the Provencher bridge stop and get Vegan delights....when you cant have NY cheesecake get Cashew cheesecake here...

Laura Sinclair
a year ago

Because I'm vegan, I am going to give them a second chance and go back perhaps for a ice cream sandwich. I was there on Saturday with a friend and had the Unicorn Sundae. The ice cream portion itself was good, however all the other added ingredients not so much. The whipped topping was clearly from a can, the frozen banana on a stick stuck in the middle of it (?) was covered in super sweet coloured sprinkles, and the two vanilla wafer cookies, also stuck in the ice cream (?) were very sweet. Overall, way too sweet with a lot of over the counter, artificial additions such as the sprinkles, the wafer cookies, the canned whipped topping. But it was my first time there and I will go back and give it another try. They also need to add some outdoor little table and chairs like their neighbours have, so we aren't destined to sit on the public metal bench next to the garbage cans. :(

Daniel Rocque
a year ago

Amazing selection of delicious vegan desserts, I definitely recommend. The staff is great and very friendly. Thank you