1639 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3P 2M4

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Gurpreet Singh
a week ago

Best place for healthy food and for weight watchers.

Jeff Ferguson
2 months ago

I went in thThere 10 minutes before time and this male East Indian employee told me that he couldn’t make me a smoothie because it takes four minutes to make, a smoothie takes less that a minute to make.. i hope he knows they have lost a customer and the owner sees this because i was a mystery shopper and they are definitely gonna get a call from corporate office

marie edwards
a year ago

This location in particular is amazing because they have little pieces of paper that you can fill out specifying exactly what you want to get. As someone who is incredibly picky it is so refreshing to be able to fill out what I want in a she'd rather than tell them I don't want x y and z. I wish all locations had this kind of feature! I got a burrito bowl with salsa and chicken.

Brittany Ferguson
2 months ago

Trash customer service.

Tim Lehman
2 years ago

Loved it! First time here. Great food choices, not just another burger or wrap. Fun staff, cooperative with unexpected requests (definitely go for the extra toppings on the yogurt!). Fun atmosphere and no belly ache after due to greasy fast food. Yum!