Degrees Restaurant

65 Chancellors Cir, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

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Robert Watkins
8 months ago

Coffee is great, food is healthy and the customer service is always wonderful. The only problem is that they are too good and are always busy !I have yet to have anything here that is not tasty. Whether you have the rise and shine breakfast special, muffins, salads or simply can’t go wrong. I love how the front line staff get to know you and your orders and will have things going if they see you standing in line. When it’s nice outside head out to the patio to enjoy the heat and great view of campus. I highly recommend at any time of day.

Julia Florek
a year ago

I get that this restaurant is geared towards university students, but I was incredibly disappointed in how unaccommodating they were with their menu. I brought my 1 year old with me to meet a friend here, and they weren't willing to give us anything as a side (pancakes for example came with two sides, and without the sides it was still the same price). She suggested a muffin, but when I got to the table with it I found out it had raisins, which is not a good choice for a 1 year old (granted, I always break off small pieces for him and should have asked what was in it). On the other hand, though, when we were at our table, someone did come up and offer us a highchair, which was nice.

Kayl P (MHKayl)
a year ago

Service is always great :) the staff is so sweet ive never had a bad interaction. The food is fantastic, especially their breakfast menu! and the coffee selection is always A1.

Justin Peters
a year ago

I’m thoroughly disappointed. The food was bland, the chicken was cold and dry, lettuce tasted sour and the drinks were all watered down and gross. The only edible thing was the water and the dessert. The waiters were nice, but the tables were sticky. Overall, I don’t recommend this place to anyone and this is my last time ever coming here.

Spotty Sun
a year ago

Sticky tables. Dry chicken. Sour lettuce. Mediocre salad. Watered down drinks. I had a cupcake, and when I bit down into the icing, there was an unidentifiable ingredient embedded in the icing which completely ruined my appetite as it appeared to just be unmixed icing or something similar. I am thoroughly disturbed, and will not eat here again. Overall I feel generally somewhat sick now. At least the water was good.