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2 months ago

Always a great team with phenomenal treats for anyone...anytime...or just because you feel like you deserve it :) In my role at The Winnipeg Chamber I/we have relied on Cinnaholic to cater many work, social and personal occasions. The team is amazing to interact with and the food is always great. They cater to some special dietary restrictions as well. Such a great addition to Winnipeg! You gotta Treat here!!

Jo Smith
a month ago

The bun itself was good but with all the toppings was WAY too sweet, like I was eating spoonfuls of sugar. And I’m someone who has a real sweet tooth. Also, with tax it came to over $8.00 for one bun, the size definitely didn’t warrant such a high price.

Haily Hart
a month ago

my dads one of those people. one that everytime he eats something he'd say, "this is good... BUT..." this or that is wrong, missing, or too much. so one day I sent him to Cinnaholic telling him about the BEST CINNOMON BUNS IN THE WORLD! he came out with 2 classic rolls and said "damn these are good..." and you know what followed?? not a darn thing. 🤭

Jennie Cui
a month ago

When I entered there was only one staff in store. Lots of skip order and I was waiting more than 40 min. Never back there again.

Brenna Epp
a week ago

The rolls themselves are very delicious. However, the icing is disgusting. At least, the one they deliver the buns with is. Maybe in-store they use something better. I usually love icing, but the one they use tastes like dollar-store icing - all their flavours have that sickly taste to them. I've ordered a couple times and it's always the same. I don't understand how they can get away with serving people such gross icing, which is why I say maybe they use different icing in store.