Cafe Carlo

243 Lilac St, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2S2

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liz cook
2 weeks ago

Had a lovely evening tonight courtesy of our niece and nephews anniversary gift to us. A nice gift certificate for Cafe Carlo had a beautiful dinner with cocktails wine and dessert. Our waitress was very helpful and accommodating couldn't have asked for a better night

Hila Gonikman
2 weeks ago

The atmosphere- perfect for date night. Very nice and cozy. The food- not for vegetarians, we had tomato soup was perfect!! But the main dish was disappointing, the flavors was not so good we didn’t even eat half. The price- so expensive and doesn’t worth it. For drinks we had ice tea that came in a can with o cost of 4$. Service- very good. Bottom line It’s too expensive for that food.

Grant Hamrlik
in the last week

We ordered takeout from Cafe Carlo for the first time. It was absolutely amazing! From the spring rolls, Caesar salad and pasta dishes, everything was perfectly delicious. There definitely will be a second time - very soon!

Jeremy de Jong
2 months ago

Delicious. We just ordered the goat cheese salad, fried chicken and gnocchi ragu. It was excellent. The ingredients were varied and high quality. Attention to detail and thoughtful. The flavours compliment each other in wonderful ways.

Ace Zen Espinosa
a month ago

Second time at Cafe Carlo, and each time a beautiful experience! The sauce and the cashews on those brocolli was amazing! And the fried chicken with the pickle and the maple bacon sauce-thing, oh my goodness, it was a new experience! The chicken was cooked to perfection and the sauce was phenomenal, and I think I finally fell in love with pickles after many years and this lifetime of picking them off my plate, out of my burgers and so on. Perfect! Got the seafood penne... whatever... like I wish I could just have this always in my mouth, so I could always be eating it, but... that's not sanitary, and would get pretty pricey as I would have to steal their chef... how could I possibly do that to the world, and my wallet? XD And the Fettuchile..I spelled that wrong, but you'll know if they still have it on their menu, good luck! So good! It was sweet! But pleasantly surprised by it savouriness and balanced flavouring! And I got a apple crumble with oats? I didn't really finish it as I didn't enjoy it that much, but I dare not take off points because my companion loved it! XD I did love and finish off the ice cream though! I ended up getting their chocolate torte to go, and it was freaking delicious..Sorry, no photos, just ate at home and called it a day xD First time was a long time ago, about 4 years? But I am pretty sure I also had a seafood pasta, but focus on lobster and shrimp, and I jist loved it, which is why I wanted to try the seafood penne. My friend got some kind of beef ragoût on gnocchi, first time having gnocchi, so I couldn't forget. So, the fact I still remember that after so long is a testament to the quality of their foodd, and their service! XD Will definitely keep coming back again, and not waiting for 4 years haha!