Le Salbuen Cafe

97 Walnut St, Montclair, NJ 07042

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(201) 622-8473
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Paul Nieto
2 months ago

Excellent food and service.

Harold Reid
a month ago

I just liked their food. I always get great service there. The place is clean and the cashiers are always super nice. Highly recommended.

Jessica Tamburri
2 months ago

This was my worst dining experience in Montclair. I came here with high hopes as I’ve heard wonderful things. Our reservation was for 715pm, we sat down and immediately asked for wine glasses and water, 15 minutes later we asked another waiter as ours never returned with Either. Finally he came and apologized for “forgetting us” and took our order and at that time we asked for ice. He can by 20 minutes later And we asked for our ice and the status of our appetizers and said sorry “out of sight out of mind.” At this point we have been there for 45 minutes and no food. 10 minutes later I asked the manager what the problem was given I ordered a salad for an appetizer. He said there was a kitchen issue and he apologized. I said we completely understand but it would’ve been nice to have been told that and along with being checked on once every 20 minutes. Keep in mind there are like 10 tables so not sure why checking on us is so overwhelming. At that point we left and went to an actual restaurant. Sad to say we’ll never return.

Riley Moore
a week ago

Whatever you do...don’t go here. Because I don’t want it to be busy next time I go. Ha ! Seriously it’s my favorite spot in Montclair. Be prepared to wait for a table. P.S. They do way more than just brunch

S. Kim
a month ago

Love this place! Fantastic food and wonderful staff. My wife and I eat here regularly.