Namskar Fine East Indian Restaurant

202 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1J8

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(403) 230-4447
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K Lynn
a month ago

Edit: 2 years ago I left just five stars and didn’t type anything about the restaurant. Today I need to update my review and give all my praises because Namskar deserves all of them. The food here is AMAZING. Consistently. I have been here plenty of times and have not ever once thought, “huh, that tasted better the last time.” Nope! The most consistently delicious dishes I’ve ever had at any restaurant. And the best coconut rice ever!!!! The staff are friendly, very polite, and knowledgeable about the dishes. The restaurant is clean and decorated with all sorts of cool things to look at. The beadwork wall art is gorgeous! Never change!!!

S Gill
a month ago

A little on the pricey side but well worth it. Probably the most consiatent and high quality indian restaurant in town.

Nikolina Maljevic
a month ago

Came to Calgary for the weekend from Edmonton and decided to come here for dinner last night. It smells amazing even when you’re walking up to the restaurant!! Great food and great service. Would highly recommend!

Cain Hampton
2 months ago

I visit this place a lot since I work in the area. I have to say their customer service is always awesome and they keep the spot neat constantly. Prices are convenient and they serve large portions.

Justin W
a month ago

The veggie manchurian is amazing. I really appreciate that they explicitly label vegan foods, it makes eating out so much easier. Most Indian restaurants seem to label vegetarian only, and it's a pain having to ask about every item.