Chopped Leaf

45800 Promontory Rd #106, Chilliwack, BC V2R 5Z5

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(604) 846-8048
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Steve Urkel
3 months ago

This place used to be good but it seems like every time I come here now they are making mistakes on the order. 5 of the last 6 times I've been here they've messed up. Missing avocado, missing rice, adding something I ask to be omitted. Appears to be a lot of newer employees that dont know what they're doing. Very frustrating when the order is to go and find out later its wrong

Nick Mikkelson
4 months ago

First time there. Got two casadilas. Pretty good would go back again

Norm Longstaff
2 months ago

Awesome food. Ill be going back.

Matt Carr
11 months ago

Good food, a little bit expensive. I ordered a Cesar salad with chicken. Portion was generous and it was tasty. Nothing was really stand out about the salad though so the price was a touch steep. Would like to return and try a few other options.

Sydnie Kmyta
11 months ago

Very fresh food and friendly service! I would eat here way more often if it wasn’t so expensive.