Wass Ethiopian Restaurant

207 James St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 3A8

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(905) 645-0921
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Charles Jian
a month ago

This place has legit Ethiopian food. Would come again.

a month ago

I’m so disappointed to do this, but I have to change my five star review to one. This has been my favourite restaurant in Hamilton for many, many years. I went there easily twice a week and loved the service and the food. However, they went under new management in February (which I believe is the original management) and I’ve been so disappointed. It wasn’t just a slight drop in customer service it was an extreme drop. I understood why they closed for Covid and was super excited when I saw they were re opening. We priced out a large order for 11 people, which came to almost $250. We had also planned on leaving a $250 tip to help them out since times are hard. We called and called and called (for over an hour on Saturday from 6-7 pm), no answer. We reached out to them online - almost two weeks later still no answer. They have 4 different phone numbers listed - which one is the legit one? If you can’t take the time to respond to your customers who used to love to support you, then we will go elsewhere - and we did. That restaurant was more than happy to receiving both our order and the $250 tip. Good luck, but if this is how you view your customers these days I definitely won’t be back.

Emmett Bridges
a month ago

Delicious food and large portions for a decent price. I got the vegetarian combo platter and it was more than enough for two people. This place has great options for vegetarian, vegans, and meat lovers as well. The only thing that I would suggest is calling ahead to make sure they still have Injera left. I went two hours before closing only to find they had sold out of Injera and had closed for the day, but it was well worth the wait to go the next day.

Wouter van den Berg (Echodonut)
a month ago

I very much enjoy the food at Wass. I've been there a few times before the pandemic, and had to wait it out before they opened again just this week. When I found out they are open again I immediately got some take-out there the next day for dinner. I had one of their vegetarian dishes while my gf had the beef special. Both were as good as they have always been, which is very! I did not order drinks this time, but last time I was there I had their honey wine which is amazing.

Ellie Muta
a month ago

Please add on delivery service I am dundas..I'm sure you will get more orders to help keep you guys open