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Patryk Klus
a year ago

Really nice vegan Italian restaurant. A lot of positive. Nice menu, plenty of choices. The prices are high, but you have an entree included, portion are big and it taste good, so you'll have your money worth. There are 2 choice of entree so if you go with someone you can each take one and share. The plates are huge, so don't eat all day or you'll have no choice to take back some home. The pasta are amazing. I the pizza is good, but the sauce was a little bit to much. I didn't get to eat desert because I was full, but I'll come back for sure to eat some. Small little restaurant, cozy and nice ambiance. People are really nice there. Would recommend of you are looking for a good Italian restaurant even if you don't eat vegetarian/vegan.

Suganya Thangarajah
11 months ago

The last two or three times that I’ve been to Vegano, the experience was good overall. However, after this last time, I believe that there has been a great decline in the food quality, service and taste. It took about 40 minutes for the main dishes to arrive and when they did, it was an underwhelming experience to say the least. I got the cornbread with grilled vegetable entree and the shrimp risotto. The grilled vegetable entree was bland and soggy. The shrimp risotto was extremely greasy, bland and did not taste good overall. I took a few bites and felt queasy right away. I also ordered a mocha latte which did not taste good either- it tasted like mocha powder in water and it was also expensive for a small cup ($5.95). For dishes to be priced at $20+ I always expect that the food quality will be good. I’ve never had a restaurant experience where I did not like anything that I ordered- this would be my first. Now I’m going back home feeling nauseous and regretting eating at Vegano.

Shez S
a year ago

Very excited to find a vegan Italian restaurant. Plus it’s BYOB! It was cozy and packed with all kinds of ppl, very nice vibe. Tortellini rose and beyond sausage sandwich, both amazing. Tried the omelet, not my favorite but still good. Everything was fresh! Would definitely go back for dinner with a bottle of wine.

a year ago

My mum and I visited Vegano while visiting from England/Toronto and it was so good that we ate here three times in four days. The only reason we didn't eat here the fourth time was literally only because it was closed. The food is phenomenal, the portions huge, the prices extremely reasonable (could EASILY charge more) and the staff fantastic. Well worth the visit and definitely somewhere we will return to if we're ever back in Montreal!

Victoria Guglielmi
a year ago

I am shocked to see some of the negative reviews about this restaurant. Yes the portions are huge, but since when is that a problem? The waitress had no issue giving us take-out containers for the food we didn’t finish and we had amazing left overs the next day. The price is completely fair and comparable to other vegan restaurants. I’ve been vegan for 4 years and this restaurant gave me the taste of authentic Italian food that I’ve been missing! My sister is not vegan and she thoroughly enjoyed her meal as well. Their brunch menu looks amazing and I will definitely be coming back to try it. Overall, the food is delicious and the staff is attentive and accommodating.