Summerhill Pyramid Bistro

4870 Chute Lake Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4M3

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Laura J.
2 months ago

How embarrassing.. I took a dear friend out for lunch at one of my favourite wineries, it’s been a year or two since I’ve visited the bistro.. what a disappointment from start to finish. The hostesses at the front were disengaged and not attentive, and the food.. what used to be one of the best places in town for a delicious meal with a beautiful view has sadly turned into nothing but a beautiful view. We ordered the Peach and Mango Sangrias..served in dirty, sticky glasses with some type of insect frozen into the ice cube.. I apologized to my friend, but then came the cold Potato Truffle Pizza, and my own soft shell crab.. burnt to black edges, cold, on top of arugula.. with long blades of grass..I’m so disappointed, the menu is fantastic- the execution falls far below what I’m used to from Summerhill. I regret inviting someone to lunch here after raving about how wonderful the food is and am embarrassed. Not only not worth the $70 this lunch cost, but just such a disappointing experience. I can overlook poor/busy/inattentive service at restaurants, but when the food is poorly served, cold and unappetizing too? We paid for our lunch and went down the road to Quality Greens grocery store to pick up some boxed lunches from their deli. Summerhill- I’m used to so much better from you :(

Karen Girouard
a month ago

Went for anniversary dinner, the food was great but the atmosphere was terrible. We were seated at a table that was right in the line of traffic with no room for anyone to social distance. Everyone who came in passed within a foot or two of our table. We were very uncomfortable and asked to be moved 3 times which they said they couldn’t do even though there were many empty tables. Expected higher standards. Not so happy anniversary😢

Wilson Lin
2 months ago

Every time we come in we never know what to order because it is all so good! I definitely recommend checking out this bistro here at summerhill. It is all so delicious and the views here are always amazing.

a month ago

The service, view, wine was great but that’s about it. The food was terrible, over-salted, and in general ingredients were poorly thought out. The appetizer, potata bravas was great. However, the paella and pasta were something I would never eat again.

Gagandeep Dhillon 101830
3 weeks ago

August 5,2020 8:00pm Food is not good, staff is not responsible, disappointing experience. Reservation was for my sister and brother in law. Called at Summerhill and informed them its their first anniversary and I want something special for them. Also provided them my card because it was suppose to be treat. Called again and double checked with everything. I guess no note was noted. They went there. Didn't even liked the food there. No special greetings for their 'First Marriage Anniversary' (even mentioning to the staff again and again on the call). I told them not to take their wallet or purse for the dinner but somehow they did because dinner was suppose to be on me. Super disappointed that staff charged them rather than charging my card. Thank you guys for ruining the only surprise. Wasn't expecting such experience at all.