Renegade Kitchen & Craft Bar

467 Leon Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6J4

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Nancy Preston
4 weeks ago

I had a delicious meal at the Renegade. Thoroughly enjoyed the Renegade Burger - one of the best tasting burgers I have ever had. Really good "bacon" on it as well! Fries were piping hot and just the right crunchiness. Great choice of beverages. Staff were very friendly and very efficient. Great service! I will definitely be back and highly recommend it for a great meal - vegan or not!

Chelsea McBride
a month ago

Absolutely fantastic. I'm impressed with every aspect of this place. The food was superb, the service was top notch, funky fun retro atmosphere, good music, they had a delicious local cider on tap... also thought it was pretty decent value for all housemade fresh awesome vegan food. I had the "big snack" burger with fries and a side of gravy. It was so delicious and filling! The gravy was easily the best vegan gravy I've ever had. My server's name was Blaine, he was prompt, helpful, and very friendly. Honestly, I could bring my carnivore friends here and I bet they'd enjoy it just as much as I did as a vegan. I think this is my new favorite place, and I will definitely be going back to try everything! I recommend it, and not just for vegans but for everyone.

Amy Bell
2 weeks ago

We had dinner here last night and it was an amazing experience. I was slightly concerned with the location but we committed. Megan was extremely friendly and gave us intimate insights into the menu. We will be back here soon as it was great!

Bailey Heinen
a month ago

Wow, this food was amazing. I have recently been altering my lifestyle in the past few years to have it more sustainable, and this for me includes eating more plant based. This food though, serisouly, I would never know it was plant based. It was seriously so good, and definetly will reccomend, and also will eat again. Thank you for the great experience!

Anna-Rose K
3 months ago

I’m actually not vegan, or vegetarian by far...however I do have a few friends who are, and it’s nice to know good restaurants to recommend or be able to go to lunch together, where we both enjoy our meals! Renegade is the perfect place for this! They have such incredibly delicious food! The Mac and “Cheese” made from cashews was super flavourful! I really enjoyed my meal and I have come back multiple times since! I highly recommend this restaurant! 🙆🏼‍♀️