Ôwok Mont-Tremblant

111 Chemin de Kandahar, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1E2

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Mahjabeen Alam
3 weeks ago

I get that Tremblant prices are high but that means they should make the service top notch or at least try. The view was a children's playground. We were seated in the patio and it was cold which would have been fine except we were there for 2 hours just waiting for our food! Don't even have a word to describe such a service. The server was nice and that's all. Don't know if they forgot our order or ate our food. I am utterly disappointed and they completely ruined our evening.

Sohaib Rizwan
2 months ago

Nice place! Couldn't customize my order to have fried rice changed with steam rice since they can't mix and match. Everything else was great

Michael Dockrill
a month ago

Food was no good... ordered general tao with noodles had no sauce for the general Tao and was served in soup as the noodles were yet. Taste was disgusting sent it back and did not replace it. Daughter had duck leg was dry and over cooked. Pas Thai was too salty and small portion. 2 spring rolls that very probably frozen cost 10$

Sara Farrukh Saeed
3 weeks ago

It was so far my worst dining experience in Canada. We had to wait for 2 hours 5 min to get food. People who came to the restaurant after us ate and left. But we didnot get our food. We get appetizer in around half an hour but for the main course from the time of order, we had to wait around 2 hours. After almost wait of 1 and a half hour our server came to tell us our food is almost ready. But even after that it took her 35 more minutes. When we asked the server after around 1 hour 45 min she didnot apologize for being late. Just gave us unnecessary attitude and behaved rudely. Idk what happened back in the kitchen but nowhere I have waited 2 hours for food and after just asking about the wait to get so much rude behavior. They have no customer service at all. Food was pretty basic. Nothing extraordinary. Serving size was ok as well. Overall they wasted so much of our time and ruined an otherwise perfect day. I highly regret not reading the reviews before going because many people seem to be complaining about similar service.

Kapil Sanghi
2 months ago

Went there recently for dinner. I would rate food and service as average. Lot of focus on good presentation but not on taste. Pad thai is okay, but definitely far from authentic flavour..same goes for poke bowls etc. Service is just ok and one of the reason could be that not everyone in staff understands or speaks english; a reason to shy away from customer requests and questions. Backyard patio ambience is good. Overall i found it expensive and not worth the money.