Naked Cafe

571 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6L8

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(778) 484-5640
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Colton Ritchie
a month ago

Love this vegan cafe! It has a cool vibe and the managers have great dad jokes. We enjoyed the market poutine and spiced yam fries, the manager said it was more of Fri-day order than a Sunday order. Thanks for the great food and humour.

2 weeks ago

Went there the other day and got the Pulled pork sandwich, Fresh Veggie Sandy, and the fries with a side of gravy. The pulled pork sandwich was too sloppy to even pick up, the taste was okay but presentation was just too much for me. They forgot the gravy with the fries which sucks because that's 50% of the meal, and their gravy is so good. I usually have good experiences here, and this time I was very disappointed.

Martin Fergusen
a month ago

A vegan paradise in the heart of Kelowna. The Buddha Bowl is a crowd pleaser.

Fern Star
a month ago

So gooood. The marketplace poutine is to die for.

Tracy Ivanitz
3 months ago

Wow! So good. I was told to switch to a vegan diet by my doctor. As a lifelong meat eater, I can say that there is nothing to miss by eating here. The food is awesome. This was my first of many orders for sure. The chili is stellar, the portebella burger was awesome, my meat cutting husband also approved of the buffalo chicken (vegan) burger. Totally recommend.