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a month ago

Really wanted to lov this place but alas, the experience could have been a better. Came for our daughter's 18th birthday. She was looking forward to the poutine all week. Server said they took it off the menu for 1 week due to supplier issues and brought it back with a new recipe. Unfortunately, still needs quite some work...the fries were good. But no where near enough sauce...was so dry, the cheese shreds never melted, and was very very salty and the portion size was small. Didn't finish it which was a shame for celebration dinner. Provided the feedback which they said "yeah...not enough sauce and will speak to the kitchen". So that's positive for future guests. They said they would remove it from the bill which was a good gesture. On the phone, we asked that we wanted to bring our own vegan packaged cake to celebrate, but due to allergy sensitive in the establishment, they said we could not...ok...fair enough). On their own, they said they would bring a brownie with a candle 'on the house' to celebrate. At the end of the meal, they brought it...but on the final bill, they charged us for it! LOL...so remove the poutine and then charge us for something we did not ask for. Oh...and we upgraded the burger and fries to the burger and poutine...and still charged for the upgrade poutine although they removed the regular poutine from the bill! LOL again....Still left a 20% tip.... Would we come back....maybe....but still some refinement required though (never came during the meal to ask how things were....only at the end, the app needs work, the food was good but needs refinement).

Rick Giovannini
4 weeks ago

The food here has been awesome from day-1. Since they've gone 100% plant based, it's even better! On top of that, the service is second to none and because it is plant based, a vegan like myself doesn't need to be concerned about cross contamination or screw-ups! Wish I lived or worked closer to one of these restaurants.

Louis Legault
3 months ago

Incredible spot and experience! The food and the service are out of this world. Definitely the best vegan restaurant in Montreal. The prices are surprisingly low for the quality. I would recommend to anyone 😁

Simon Berens
a month ago

Very covid safe, everyone has facemasks. I got the LOV burger and the gnocchi; the burger was excellent but I felt the gnocchi was a bit under cooked.

Rowan Chestnutt
a month ago

LOV is a wonderful restaurant with really tasty food. I know some people who always eat meat at every meal and still find LOV amazing even though they are not used to vegetarian food.