Little Asia

36 King St E, Dundas, ON L9H 1B8

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(289) 238-8100
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Cindy S
3 months ago

Little Asia is a hidden gem! The food is nothing but DELICIOUS! The service is great, love a good family run business. Meat eaters would also love this vegetarian/vegan restaurant as the food is so flavourful. Would definitely recommend this restaurant!

Sarah Roessner
4 weeks ago

Had a former coworker recommend this place to me. It is so incredibly good, amazing options and if you are vegetarian or not. I would recommend the Laska Curried Noodles and the Kung Pao Chicken!

Jimmy Peeps
3 weeks ago

Advertised as a vegetarian restaurant but as far as I've noticed the menu is mostly plant-based or could be made to be all plant-based. The menu is quite big, with lots of incredibly delicious dishes to choose from. My only complaint would be that they charge for rice, which is so cheap that every asian restaurant should offer at least a little bit for free to go with your meal, quite like how most canadian restaurants offer free fries or another type of side dish included with your meal. Two dollars for MAYBE not even half a cup of rice is ridiculously ripping off the customers. That's like paying 5 dollars for a handful of fries! The food is always delicious, always nice and hot, tastes fresh and the service is always either reasonable or very fast. I've spent more time waiting in line at a Tim Hortons than I have waiting for my food to come out at Little Asia. Keep it up staff/owners, you're doing FANTASTIC!! I can never go through Dundas without stopping by here, unless it's closed. One of my favorite restaurants in all of Ontario!

Sarah Troop
7 months ago

The food was amazing! So flavourful. We ordered a bunch of stuff but our favourite was the Tom Yum Soup, Sweet and Sour ‘Chicken’, and Red Curry. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years and this was the top 5 veggie meals I’ve ever had. Well done.

Deborah Porteous
9 months ago

Just ordered food from here tonight and it’s the best Asia food we’ve every had in Ontario. We just returned from had Cambodia and south east Asia after spending time a few years there and feels like we are back there but better when you ordered from here. We are vegan and they have flavours in there food that awaken your senses and taste that you just want more of it. We are going to be regulars for sure. A must try for anyone who loves Asian food. Superb Excellent and highly recommended.