Lake Tai Restaurant

1958 Kirschner Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4N6

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(778) 478-9931
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Stephen Ho
a month ago

Coming from Vancouver. I love their food all made of seasonal veggies without being greasy. Their Japanese rolls taste great and so refreshing as well! Highly recommend this restaurant!

Julie Tiller
a week ago

The best veggitarian Food!!! And wonderful owners!!! We got all this for our Thanksgiving meal!!!

John Morgan
7 months ago

My girlfriend and I both enjoyed the food. Definitely will add this into our date night rotation. We are vegetarians, so having a full menu available to us was amazing. Highly recommend

Chris Jefferies
in the last week

Great food! Great portions! Friendly staff!

Will Taylor
7 months ago

Best Asian AND best vegetarian in Kelowna! Have now eaten here 6 -8 times, most recently on my birthday a couple weeks ago and have ALWAYS left satisfied! Went with my wife and a half dozen friends and family, most of whom are not vegetarian. Even they were very impressed with how "meaty" the faux meat dishes were. They have a larger menu and despite being entirely vegetarian, the range of different flavours is VERY impressive. I would have to call what they make Asian fusion with a definite "homemade'" flare that is both very authentic and distinctly unique. EVERYTHING on the menu is entirely made from scratch and you will find nothing comparable anywhere else in the area. Whether you are vegetarian or not, try Lake Tai, you will not be disappointed. If you truly appreciate authentic and unique Asian foods, Lake Tai is the place for you!