Glenn’s Restaurant and Gift Shop

125 Leva Ave, Red Deer County, AB T4E 1B2

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(403) 346-5448
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Megan Reviczky
2 months ago

I have always had a soft spot for Glenn's and I'm glad I'm getting to share it with my daughter. We were in town moving a family member and had spent the night at a hotel across the road and she chose Glenn's for breakfast. She has decided it's her favorite now. Everyone knows Glenn's is the best place to get amazing tea but it's also the best place to get some amazing food, especially breakfast. They make THE best scrambled eggs and the bacon isn't that cheap thin stuff you'll find elsewhere. Of course tea and food isn't the only good thing at Glenn's! The staff is amazing. They're friendly, knowledgeable, and always smiling. If you're stopping in Red Deer you definitely need to stop here.

A Fire
a month ago

The selection availability is astounding! It is as diverse in its breakfast dining options as it is in its offering of tea selection. There is a whimsy to the aesthetic of the place as there are ceramic animals placed throughout the restaurant and are employed as a means of enforcing social distancing. The restaurant is well lit and is very popular as it was full when we arrived with people still arriving as we left. The service was efficient, the food was good, the tea was excellent (I had the ayurvedic blend).

peiyue Wang
2 months ago

Breakfast buffet seems really good. Kinda regretted for no getting it. Will definitely come back for it!

Kelvin Krastel
a month ago

Good food, good service. The prices were a little on the high side but not terrible. We didn't know there was a second side to the menu so missed a pile of choices.

Connie Ness
2 months ago

I have been eating here since I was a kid and now i take my daughter here to eat on our travels. The prices are a little steep but the portions are huge and the food is quite good. Our server last night was also wonderful, thank you for staying open and bringing back good memories.