Copper Branch

301 Brunswick Blvd, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 4Y2

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(514) 693-3737
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Jeremiah Marion
a month ago

I asked for an extra dressing because I find there is not enough and the salad is a bit dry. After spending 15$, on a salad 0.60$ for extra dressing is disappointing.

Jesus Barragan
a week ago

This is a really healthy opcion...I had a portobello hamburguer and it was amazing.. they also have good smoothies and bowls with tofu, beans, and other vegan proteins.. everything 100% plant based.. I really like it!

Timothy Wood
3 months ago

In the past I was really impressed with this place. Went last night and all kinds of tape on their order board indicating that meals are unavailable. The price is always pretty high; but in the past the portions were adequate. Last night I felt like my wife and I received half sized portions. I was very disappointed.

Katherine Rose
2 weeks ago

The vegan cheese that they use in their poutine is indistinguishable from dairy cheese. Very tasty :) This restaurant is definitely helping me transition to a more plant-based diet in general.

Rudo Mupfumira
8 months ago

After eating here, I am considering going vegan. The food was delicious!! I can't wait to try out something else from your menu