Vegan Pizza House

2119 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T4 V5P 2X5

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Kalkidan Berhanu
2 weeks ago

Excellent pizza and service! Ordered a cheese pizza and it had a very unique and delicious taste. Pretty surprised that it's vegan! The only caveat I can think of is that the sizes aren't representative of other chains (ordered a large but it seems to look like a medium).

I Sandhar
a month ago

Great pizza. Never thought I would enjoy Vegan Pizza, but this place does it right. Hawaiian or "Meat Lovers" is the way to go, extra sauce, thin crust. Gabriel made our Pizza on Kingsway, and he did a tremendous job as always.

Nick R
2 months ago

As a long-term plant based eater, I was so excited to try this place. I was unfortunately let down. I tried pizza, pasta, and some desserts. My verdict was that this restaurant has so much potential, but failed to live up to it. The lasagna was overcooked, and watery. It was so soft that it tore without much pressure. It was like a tomato soup. The pizza was more like a ham sandwich with crispy tapioca cheeze on top. The ham was at least 4x thicker than the crust of the pizza. While I appreciate generosity in toppings (many pizza places are stingy), this was too extreme. The desserts were sickeningly sweet. Like, questioning if you will develop type two diabetes from eating it type of sweet. I was surprised to learn that there are two locations for this restaurant, and after reading of others' experiences, I feel confident that this was not a one-off. Besides that, the order took way too long to cook. I was checking the status of my order, and the delivery driver was waiting at the restaurant for an extended amount of time. I'm happy to wait for good food, but I can't say that was my experience here. I can't say that I would be interested in eating here again. It seems that international workers who are being exploited are speaking out against this restaurant. Besides the terrible food, I feel horrible for supporting a business that shamelessly exploits non-residents. This is a Gordon Ramsay-approved "Kitchen Nightmare."

Mark DesLauriers
a week ago

Vegan Pizza House was my bi weekly treat when I lived in the area. Their All Dress pizza is my favorite. I'm living in a different province now. But any time that I'm in Vancouver, I make sure to stop by and buy a pizza.

Daniel Drost
a month ago

I have been picking up Pizza there since lockdown. Excellent staff and great products