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razberri “rain” rain
a month ago

AMAZING!!! I've been excited to try your food for so long. It was better than expected somehow! Scrumptious realistic vegan food with killer flavor, big portions and so much love in it. We loved it. Will be coming again soon. Definitely buying your very big box O meat.

Carrie Mckay
2 weeks ago

Great service & communication! I ordered online from the mainland and it was packaged really nice and had ice packs so my stuff was still cold. I was eager to try the steaks because they had bad reviews; they were really tasty! Definitely not steak and more like a meatloaf but the flavour is really good. The ribs are super tasty as well! I'd compare their products to the fieldhouse brand. Definitely better than Yves. Not meant to imitate meat the same way beyond meat does. But really good sub in my opinion and nice portions! Value wise, I'd say it's really fair. You could go cheaper with other brands, but you get what you pay for. I've ordered again :)

Adam Liberti
a week ago

Ordered online a month ago, just received and I must say it was well worth the wait 🙂 Haven't tried everything yet but he Smokin Bangers & Burgers, the Ribs were 11/10! The whole family enjoyed including our 5 and 1 year old. The food is great tasting with an even better nutritional profile, perfect whether your vegan or not. Will be ordering more online yet looking forward to seeing it on store shelves in Ontario soon 👍

Vera Lyn Gradziel
3 weeks ago

I just wanted to let your company know that I tried your subscription service. The processing time was 4-5 weeks. I waiting patiently because of covid-19 affected shipping. However, compared to other processing times from companies.... Yours is by far the worst. I think I brought this up several times with your staff via e-mail. It is still food. You need to ship it fast or in a timely manner so customers can meal plan, store it in fridge or freezer. I could not tell or predict when my package would arrive. The cold packs were warm. Reality is the processing time is more like 6-7 weeks. I usually don't read other reviews but if you look at other bad reviews the complaints are quite similar. The staff are not interested in customer service. Rather they set a tone to cancel than correct. I am deeply disappointed because I wanted to support this Canadian brand. They charge on time, delivery and execution is a flop.

Danielle Enright
a month ago

Amazing meat alternatives! Went above & beyond❤️