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Charles neufeldt
in the last week

Great food! But..... Edit: customer service needs some work. I don't appreciate finding a sticky on my pizza because you didn't have the right size crust available. Also why in the pizza box? A phone call would have been preferred or even tell me when I arrive to pick it up. I would have changed my order if I would have known I was getting a much smaller pizza for the same price. After calling to ask them about it. All they offered was they're sorry. That doesn't change the fact I'm going to have to make something else to eat after I eat the tiny personal pizza.

Brad Beattie
a week ago

Far better service than the last time I was there. The food is still good and reasonably priced. Edit: Please make sure the pizza is actually heated when asked to heat it. Waiting an extra couple of minutes isn't a problem for hot instead of luke-warm slices.

Angela deWeerdt
in the last week

They are constantly running late, and I've been told by delivery drivers that they blame the drivers when it is the businesses fault. I was told my pizza would take 40 minutes and it arrived in just under 2 hours. Called in and they were rude about my problem and didn't offer any compensation and were not sorry! Their pizza is decent but unfortunately they have some issues they need to resolve. Something like this has happened every time I have ordered from them (5 times). I keep ordering because I hope they improve but they have not. Would not reccomend.

Thomas Harris
4 weeks ago

We only had the vegan pizza and we loved it. Perfectly crispy crust and great toppings! I will defiantly come back for the Indian dishes. To bad covid and put a stop to the buffet :-(

2 months ago

This is some of the BEST vegan pizza and Indian food in Vancouver! Everyone who works here is so nice and kind and goes out of their way to make sure you have a wonderful experience. The buffet is just perfection *chef's kiss* Special mention to the vegan butter chicken and the onion ring pizza. Do not miss out on this lil' gem!