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vidhya Arora
2 weeks ago

I always love the food here. It’s mostly my go to if I’m planning to eat out or order. The quantity is very fulfilling. And I love the fact that they’ve various spice levels to choose from. Depending on my mood and if want to have something spicy I always have this option. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that they eliminated the box that I love the most. Bombay Mac and Cheese. It was the best Indo-Italian thing I could get in Victoria. They advised me that they will get that on a special once a week or something but I would love to have an option to have it any day of the week.

Rory H
a month ago

One of the best places to eat in town. Don't play around with the hotter heat levels unless you are a self-professed fan of spicy food, they don't mess around, you will get burned.

Sarj S
2 months ago

Vegetarian Dish with some Chicken Visited this location with friends. Not only was the service super slow, there was chicken in my tofu buddha bowl. Concerning thing about the whole interaction was that the store clerk did not seem phased. The District Manager Bruce, who replies to these reviews, was just as nonchalant. He asked how big the piece of chicken was in the bowl! That is like asking someone how allergic they are to peanuts, because the size of the peanut would determine the allergic reaction:) Apparently him doing a vegan challenge with his wife made him fully understanding of the magnitude of this error. Apparently this has never happened at Noodle Box in his experience. Needless to say, the organization is only as good as its leaders. However, in this case denial and ignorance seems to be the theme of this location and perhaps this chain. Having said that, perhaps instead of giving generic replies to google reviews, Bruce can spend some time re-looking at process control and better employee engagement. Thank you for your free coupon to come back, however the fact that you literally could not even write a note or even reply to the email, shows me that this is likely to happen again and probably happens regularly. Be it dietary restrictions, health choices or religious views, I have lost confidence in this chain.

john just
a month ago

we went there last night, food was great, it took half hr to get it, we were there for an hour and did not see anybody clean any tables

a month ago

We have travelled extensively through Asia and love spicy, flavourful curries and sauces. We ordered medium spicy Kungpao noodles and medium spicy Cambodian curry with chicken. We were looking forward to a tasty lunch. The meal was nicely presented and the staff made an effort to keep us safe during this pandemic. The food however, was overpowered with red chilies. My husband’s lips were burning, my eyes were watering and my nose was running. Yowza! That was the most terribly unbalanced meal ever. We shared our experience with a staff member at an ice cream shop where we went to douse the flames of our lunch. She says she too has experienced poor quality control of food at the Noodle Box.