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Earle Boinkins
a month ago

Wow. This place used to be great. For the last couple of years I’ve been more and more disappointed with the quality of the food or inability to get orders right. Today was the last straw tho. My last couple of orders with chicken I ended up throwing in the garbage as the chicken was rancid. Today went with Kung Pao with prawns. I cannot believe the lack of flavour. Basically they forgot to cook the food with any sauce whatsoever. Inconsistency with the spice level is consistent. May as well spin a wheel. Tired of waiting for these guys to figure it out. I ordered via door dash if you want to do the right thing. From here on out I’m ordering from @bangkok

a week ago

I would give zero Stars if it was an option. Their food has almost always been disappointing every time I've been there in the last five or so years. But worse than that is the lack of customer service. My order was scheduled to be picked up at 6:00. When I showed up I was told it would just be a few minutes. When I was inquiring about how much longer it would be all of the staff tried to ignore me. I came back 15 minutes later it still was not ready. Horrible service, unaccommodating rude staff! I will never come back. Wasted 25 minutes of my time. If you want to order from here come a half an hour late and your food might be ready....

Eric Thompson
3 weeks ago

Just had the CAMBODIAN JUNGLE CURRY BOX tonight and it was awesome. Big, fresh chicken pieces, excellent spice level - I like medium - and my family liked their Spicy Peanut and Kung Pao boxes. Well done Shelbourne St!! Seems like the old quality is back.

Dakota Harbottle
2 weeks ago

Needs some serious management help. Inability to answer the phone for over 20 minutes. Ordered with the app and paid first without the ability to see wait time. Came out to an over hour and a half wait, when trying to cancel and get a refund was told I had to email someone? How is this how you run a company? Insane.

Todd Thedell
in the last week

The zucchini noodles are a great low carb option, the other dish was alright, could be more flavorful.