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1420 Quadra St #101, Victoria, BC V8W 2L1

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a month ago

Edited to be current. Over the past year the quality of food has declined greatly, to the point I once asked if they had changed kitchen staff, which I was informed they hadn’t. The brown rice (which I used to love!) has turned to sticky, gluey, tasteless mush. The karage tofu comes often mushy and undercooked inside and kind of burnt in the outside. The ginger sauce it comes with is awesome though. Anything cooked in grease is still soaking in it when it gets to you. Suimono soup started tasting like chemicals... multiple times I sent it back only to have it come back tasting like flavourless hot water... or bleach... either way, not good and frankly concerning. The last time I dined in, there were a staff member’s (albeit cute) kids running around, playing loudly while people dined. It really made the atmosphere feel chaotic, when in the past it was calm and quiet, the perfect place for a dinner date of all types. I keep telling myself I’m not going back, but then hoping they’ve made a raving come back all of the sudden. I have been disappointed enough times now to change my former review. It’s really too bad... This place used to be a total gem. I really hope Futaba can turn itself around get back to being the delight it used to be. The OLD REVIEW: This has been my go for to place for at least a decade!!! The quality and service never changes. The prices are better than most and the portion sizes are perfect for the price point! I am consistently satisfied with the food! My favourite is the suimono soup, yam tempura sushi, miso soup and kara age tofu!! The gyoza is delicious too! When I ate meat, I LOVED the kushitori and yakitori! Not a single complaint about this place! I will be spending many more birthday’s and dinners here!!

Ali Khan
a week ago

food is fine but always late, have to waite more than expected all the time

adam turner
11 months ago

It was good, however there were kids toys all over the restaurant which made it feel like a day care on a Friday night. Which defeats the idea of a date night.. Food is good though. Prices are a little higher than other sushi restaurants.

Emma Goldman
4 months ago

Very tasty and good quality. Nice atmosphere and service.

Willamina Lang
8 months ago

Ordered takeout and was given brown rice with all my sushi rolls. Apparently this is a common complaint after reading other reviews. I'm not sure why they don't have any description on their items that they are using brown rice when white rice is the standard, especially for sweeter rolls like yam rolls. The brown rice seemed not properly prepared and was very watery with no flavour.