Fern Cafe and Bakery

1-1115 N Park St, Victoria, BC V8T 1C7

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Catherine W
a month ago

Huge props to The Fern for absolutely owning it during a pandemic. (and always!) Their promptly implemented safety protocols have kept this nurse coming back on a weekly basis in total confidence. They serve up delicious vegan comfort food and treats (seriously try their scones!) made with love, not to mention the best seasonal pumpkin spice latte I have ever had. Head on down and support these compassionate folks - they are seriously awesome!

Natasha Illi
2 months ago

Best bakery/cafe in Victoria!!! I always love to eat at Fern. They menu is constantly expanding with delicious new creations. They are so much more than a bakery and also serve delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options! (My personal fave is the Buffalo Chickun Burger!). The staff are always so friendly and the overall atmosphere is welcoming. It is so amazing to have such delicious vegan options that can appeal to everyone!

Steven Lloyd
2 months ago

I’ve been vegan for almost 10 years. The fact that this is the only vegan cafe and bakery in Victoria definitely works to Fern’s advantage, because there’s nothing to compare it to. We ordered the buffalo chickun burger, breakfast sandwich, cream of mushroom soup and a cinnamon bun. When you sell a product that’s imitating a non-vegan item like chicken burgers and cinnamon buns, you’re going up against the real thing. I’ve had non-vegan versions of these and vegan versions of these. First off, the cinnamon bun didn’t actually have any cinnamon flavour, just the subtlest hint of cinnamon. The dough had a good texture, but that was the only good thing about it. Unless Fern is doing their own unique, less sweet, much less flavourful version of a cinnamon bun, they definitely missed the mark. The cream of mushroom soup was basically water with floating spices and some mushrooms - no cream seemed present. Lacked seasoning and basically was unfiltered mushroom broth. The chicken burger was very disappointing. The breading was great, with lots of flavour, but none of that matters when the texture of the actual vegan meat inside is like a sponge. No other way to describe the texture. Squishy and airy are not the kind of texture you want in a faux chicken product. One of the burgers had one strip that barely took up 1/3 of the bun, the other had 3 small pieces that did a better job, so consistency is also an issue. Will not be coming here again and will be suggesting to others to tread lightly around Fern Cafe. Giving it 2 stars only cause the food came relatively quickly.

Kastle Van Der Meer
a month ago

I love Fern! The selection of baked goods and meals they offer is unparalleled, and there are so many original menu offerings. Not only do they make the best vegan food in Victoria, their staff are always kind and work so hard. And their seasonal treats (peppermint chocolate cookies, hot cross buns, everything pumpkin, the list goes on) are out of this world!!! Vegan or not, you will not be disappointed by Fern. Highly recommend!

Celes Lucius
a month ago

Best Breakfast Ever!! I had the Breakfast Sandwich and a side of fries and it was so great! I have had a lot of vegan breakfasts and this is by far the best one ever. And such a great price. Delicious coffee and if you have room for a treat you won't be disappointed. Yummoh!