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1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3E4 V5P 2X5

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2 weeks ago

If you want a trip to flavour town, hit up do chay. Customer service is excellent. The girls are so nice here. And the presentation is excellent. Food is phenomenal. I do wish the portions were bigger but it's also because the foods super delicious!

Marcia Halajeski
a week ago

I'm not vegan but rather more at the other carnivorous end of the spectrum.....but allow me to tell you: Do Chay misses absolutely nothing in the flavour department. Friendly, attentive servers and a really chill reclaimed-wood atmosphere with beautifully segregated booths with plexi-glass provided a wonderful, safe experience for lunch today. I'm going back. Like next week. And I'm having the satay noodles and those coconut cakes again. Unbelievable food! :)

Brock Aura
a month ago

I’m going to wait for covid to cool down a bit before dining in, but I got some take out and went down to Trout Lake to enjoy it while summer is still here. The vegetarian/vegan is fully on now with Chau, Chi, Do Chay and others serving up meatless Vietnamese cuisine. Rather than trying to simulate meat dishes, Do Chay seems to embrace the veg, offering up dishes big on flavour. They have a large variety of hot and cold food and the portions are decent for the price. The spring rolls were delicious, the salted egg yolk eggplant reminded me of Asian style zoo sticks and the lettuce wrap was sweet and salty and spicy. Overall, another good heathy option to throw into the mix.

Sara Molina
a month ago

Wow just wow! This place is my new favorite vegan restaurant! Their flavors are on point! Their staff is super friendly and helpful. It is possible to eat in their dining room even during Covid but we got take out. Highly recommend the XO Potstickers, Sweet & Spicy Bowl and Black Truffle Tofu 😋 but we got a few more dishes and they were all excellent!

Samantha Nyau
a month ago

Everything was amazing - from the food to the decor. It is obvious the owner is extremely detail oriented. The attention to detail in both the execution and plating of the dishes were admirable. I have never liked vegan food but these were all delicious. Definitely going back to try more things on the menu. I was glad to see that the menu is not overly extensive therefore allowing them to perfect the dishes they already have. The pricing was fair for their unique take on Vietnamese food.