Chopped Leaf

19950 Willowbrook Dr, Langley Twp, BC V2Y 1K9

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Alex Passini
3 months ago

Seating was closed due to the current rules, but we managed to snag a few stools and sit in a corner. Wraps were good, very filling. They should setup some outside seating.

Natasha Patel
2 weeks ago

First time and last time at this location. I go to another chopped leaf all the time and love it, but the girl that served me at this location was rude, unfriendly and quite frankly has bad customer service. If the owner cares, contact me for her name. The food mediocre as well.

Kelly G
10 months ago

I used to frequent this chopped leaf every day. For myself and my family. Literally every day. I'll admit, I was picky about asking the staff to pick through the lettuce for me to get the fresher stuff. I was a daily customer, and very appreciative to the staff doing this for me. If they were rushed or busy, I would be fine with whatever they gave me. One day, I was told by the staff that I was no longer welcome, unless I paid an extra fee, on top of the standard price. The owner of the store set up cameras throughout the whole store, and could watch the staff work in real time. The owner watched the staff on cameras, and could see them spending an extra 5 - 10 minutes on my orders. Again, I say that if the staff were busy, I would just get what I got. They would only spend this time if they were not busy with other customers. I was informed that the owner wanted me to pay a premium of $15 per salad for the staff to pick me out the fresher lettuce. (The crunchier kind.) This is on top of the roughly $50 a day I spent here. From that day to this, I have never been back to this Chopped Leaf. So, if you're looking for a salad joint where they care nothing for customer service and nothing for customer loyalty, this is the place to go.

Gurpreet Thind
10 months ago

I was at ICBC and stepped in for a quick bite. Nice clean place with a very decent menu. I tried the spicy chicken sandwich, which turned out very good. Seating is bit limited and can get busy in there. Take out is always an option.

matthew lydynuik
2 months ago

I don’t see the point to calling ahead and ordering when they make the food when I get there