Cactus Club Cafe Langley

101 - 6070 200 St, Langley City, BC V3A 1N4

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Caitlyn Bogaerts
a month ago

Tasty but overpriced. The server barely checked on us. Over rated.

Ashish Narang
a month ago

Birthday went sour - I was out celebrating my birthday on Sep 20, 2020. So decided to make a reservation. Took my family for some drinks and dinner, I have got 2 really small kids , thus its an ordeal just stepping out, let alone celebrating an occasion. We still took a chance and went. Foods and drinks were good and came in a timely manner, they accommodated our food preferences too.. It all went south when the server (lady) was told multiple times that we are celebrating my birthday and would appreciate a complimentary dessert. I believe its not too much or a big ask as these gestures make the rare occasions special .. They noted each and every time with a nod and a smile. However as we were coming close to finishing nothing happened and there came the bill. $150+ (that's fine too) But guess what lady server you were reminded so many times you agreed and then you when came the moment you said "Oh I believe you guys are already full" … WHAT ???? aghast and angry at that rude comment , my wife got upset .. we finally got a puney little mousse kind of chocolate dish .. did not taste it and left it for them to enjoy.. All was going well till that assumption by the lady server was made.. Felt humiliated and disgusted at that attitude. I just moved in the area and was excited to be living close to Cactus Club .. Guess what You ruined our evening, special occasion thus Lost a customer for life.

Sonja Rooney
2 months ago

We had the BEST experience Friday evening. We arrived at our reserved time and were sat almost immediately at a table that I was super unhappy with due to its location right in the middle of the patio (first date night in months we were looking for something a little more private). We informed the hostess and within minutes the manager approached us and got us a quieter table. Our server (Jacqueline) was super friendly and polite and the service was beyond 5 star! The food was amazing (try the tofu lettuce wraps they're to die for!) It was a great experience from front door right up until we left (3 different staff thanked us on our way out). Thank you for a fantastic date night!! We'll be back!

possible dreams
a month ago

Have the sushi ...i was shocked at how good this was outside of a sushi restaurant. The flavors were amazing ....seriously . The cocktails were well done and tasty . My sunset soda was a light orange flavor and would have again . The safely measures in place for covid were good and made me forget for a little while about anything but good company, great food and fun. I would go back for sure . We were seated quickly and served by friendly staff.

Sandra Wolsynuk
4 months ago

We placed an online take out order yesterday and I must say they have it down to a science! Fast, efficient, got everything right on our order and the food was great, price was right!! Note to self, should probably eat fries in the parking lot or order another side as they don't travel well (not the restaurant's fault, just a tip to fellow customers). Love the whole process. Will do it again soon!