Be Love

1019 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W 2H4

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(778) 433-7181
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Hillary Violet
3 months ago

Amazing food, and friendly staff. Was travelling through with a gluten free friend and we were looking for a vegan restaurant and hit the jackpot here! The Mac and cheese here is phenomenal and worth every penny for the fresh and tasty food 😁

Robert William
3 months ago

Too often we wonder, is there something on the menu a vegetarian/vegan can eat? Here, they can chose anything! And the meat eaters are never disappointed with the varied, imaginative choices. Interesting drink selection, and no feeling of missing out if you chose a non-alcoholic option.

Mika Choudhary
3 months ago

Pro: I can’t recommend this place enough. I usually don’t like vegetables (even tho I’m vegan), but this place was exceptional. I feel like I haven’t had food this good in so long. Con: I wish the staff were more friendly.

Natalie Leskie
4 months ago

Seriously some of the best food I have ever had the privilege of eating. Lovely service and ambience. Prices are right where they should be for food of this quality. Loved every bite.

Ahmed Buset
a month ago

I love their interior and exterior design.What a pleasant environment!Regarding the food,it was absolutely great!And also they have a great selection of beers.Weekend well spent!