Avalanche Pizza

4320 Gate Way Dr #104, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

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(604) 932-3131
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Mack Benz
a month ago

Honestly, amazing staff, so nice, so kind, so accommodating, but the worst crust/dough I've ever tasted. It's dry, flavorless and feels like self-riser yeast that's not proper pizza dough. It takes away from the actual decent quality meat they put on it and I found myself pulling off all the toppings to eat manually. Also, marinara is nothing to write home about, it's as boring as it gets. Wanted to like it because their staff was great, seemed legit, independently owned, small company, not a franchise, but yeah, a hard "never again unless the dough" for me.

michael melatini
a month ago

Pizza was cold crust is frozen not made on site and the price was double what should have been charged avoid this place @ all costs

Oliver Ng-Young-Lim
in the last week

Nothing special. Many better places to eat. The restaurant was cold, might as well have been an avalanche there. There was no sauce on the pizza, they all sit out and are dry.

Brittany C
a month ago

Pizza was not good and led to quite a bit of digestive upset the following morning. Chicken fingers were cheap frozen dry sticks and a total waste of money. Considering all the options in Whistler its amazing they are still in business. Cost too much as well - $55 for 2 inedible medium pizzas and chicken strips. Worst pizza we've ever had. Service was good though.

Al Flochy
4 months ago

Great veggie pizza and super nice guy working! What a relief after having walked out of Araxi hungry and cold (don’t try and eat there - waited 35 minutes and didn’t even get the bread basket brought to us in all that time). Cheap, yummy crust and sauce and toppings.