Little Spice

9669 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0P6

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(403) 455-1559
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establishmentfoodpoint of interestrestaurant
a month ago

Food is so good, could not get enough!!! Super delicious! Very nice owners! We’ll be back for sure

Eric Paul
2 months ago

Love it. Been here twice in the last week. Butter chicken is spot on. Super clean looking and smells amazing as soon as yo open the door

Fancy Mancy TV
2 months ago

It is fabulous. Taste and smell are legendary. Price is very reasonable as well.

Cassio Lima
3 months ago

Great food for a really good price. Physical space is quite limited, not permitting large gatherings or larger families other than this, it's just great. Totally worth it!

Desy Blue.
4 months ago

i ordered my food a full hour before closing time, then I waited for my order for an hour so I called to make sure it was still on the way, I said hello and the man on the phone answered then hung up on me. I called back again, and he said “hello” then I said “hi I’m just wondering if my order is still co..” and he hung up before I could finish. Now after waiting an hour they’re closed so I’m assuming they just don’t care enough to tell me they didn’t plan on sending my order at all. The food was actually okay and I was hoping to order more often but they’re really rude. There’s plenty of better tasting Indian food with better service. I wouldn’t recommend. (They also got my order wrong when I ordered earlier today)