Koutouki South

3803 Calgary Trail NW #540, Edmonton, AB T6J 5M8

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Brittany Adams
3 weeks ago

The takeout I get from here is always delicious. I highly recommend them. The food is very fresh and not super heavy. The management are really nice and go out of their way to help you with anything you need. I don't personally find the portions to be small. Great service. Celiac friendly!

David Hall
2 months ago

Had takeout, lamb shoulder, grilled squid, chicken livers, and a little lagniappe of dessert, with a note thanking me for my business. Included was a Greek salad and some roasted potatoes. Most everything was good, and was better eating it as the composed dish. The livers with the onions, squid with the dressing and spinach, lamb meat with a little of the highly seasoned fat layer. On the minus side, the dip was rather bland, and didn't come with the expected pita bread. While I prefer my potatoes with a crust, these were still well cooked and had a nice lemon note, but more like boiled potatoes. Pretty good overall.

Wajih Araji
2 months ago

The interior of this restaurant is stunning, it's pleasurable to sit back and admire the attention to detail that the owners have put into this place. The food was overwhelmingly pricey, I went there by myself and by bill came up to $67 for 2 Appyz and 1 main and 1 drink not including a 10% tip. The service was acceptable, I feel like I had to imply certain things to the server that you would expect at this price point, like refilling water. . . overall it was a decent experience but could definitely be better for next time!

Danika Vas
in the last week

Awful. The oyster appetizer was canned oysters (the oil was still on the plate), they didn’t use fresh feta, the calamari was bland and tough... my family spent almost $200 there on a night out, and all four of us were dreadfully disappointed. Would not recommend, and will not return.

Nancy Tabet
a month ago

Horrible.The lady who manages/own the place seemed to take offense when I asked why they use red wine vinegar as Greek dressing. She told me that was traditional Greek dressing. I have never heard that before! Lamb was ok, nothing special. Rice looked and tasted like Uncle Bens. Not a busy place. Only one other guest when I went in to eat. I don't believe they will be open for long.