Hearts Choices in the Calgary Farmers Market

510 77 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1C3

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Richard Williams
2 months ago

There are lots of great places at the market but Hearts Choices is the best! Highly recommend them. The Rueben and the Ginger Chicken are my favorites. Also be sure to grab some of the frozen curries.

Adam Stevens
a year ago

I bought some vegan imitation bacon from here, and it was incredible. It tasted like bacon, cooked like bacon, and had a bacon texture. All this with none of the funny aftertaste that vegan meats can often have. Vegetarian food is more expensive than real meat for some reason but the amount of bacon we got for the price was great. The lady running it was lovely.

Farzad Taheri
9 months ago

The vegan Reuben Sandwich is ridiculously good. I can’t believe it’s vegan! You must try it even if you’re not vegan.

Exchiela Benusic
10 months ago

Great vegan food. Can't wait to return and try more off the menu.

Jim Rieder
a year ago

Great vegan store inside the Calgary Farmers Market. Very friendly staff. Free samples. And they supply the vegan meat to the Thai Sub restaurant in the Market. Always pick up a few items for the weekend. They are now carrying the beyond meat burgers and sausage (same as A & W)