Happy Veggie House

303 Centre St SW #109, Calgary, AB T2G 2B9

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(587) 955-8633
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Alain provost
a month ago

This place knocks my socks off. So good

Vin Vishwakarma
a month ago

Just sublime, everything vegetarian but meat. Quality, quantity and service. 🙏🙏🙏

2 months ago

This place is amazing. I've enjoyed every dish and can't wait to try them all! The "chicken" drumsticks were so good. Last time I ordered, got 20 dollars worth of food and it lasted me 4+ meals. My favorite gem of Chinatown.

Anthony Lukach
a month ago

Excellent Chinese food. Not greasy. Great for non vegetarian/vegans as well. All of the imitation meat is shockingly accurate.

Crazy Craig & Co.
a month ago

Want to have your mind blown? Try their meatless sweet and sour "pork" and their kung Pao "chicken". Simply delicious!!