7 Mahogany Plaza SE Unit 940, Calgary, AB T3M 2B8

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establishmentfoodpoint of interestrestaurant
3 months ago

The cop burrito was super good until I found a piece of plastic in the burrito and almost ate it 🙂

Ryan Kemp
2 weeks ago

If you order P/U on skip they charge a premium on every item even though your picking it up ???¿¿¿ Why is P/U even a option through Skip?

2 months ago

Love this place for a quick health pick me up!

Chad Mcbride
3 months ago

Male staff member only wears mask over mouth, not his nose. In my opinion your better off not wearing the mask then looking like someone not taking it seriously.

Jenna Oberg
8 months ago

Coming here is usually a positive experience, unless the person in front of you has ordered more than one thing. Then it is going to be quite the wait. Even at lunch hour, they only have one person working, so a large order makes the wait much longer than it should be.