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Amanda Davidson
3 months ago

I usually don’t like to give reviews. But from last couple of months, I have been observing a beautiful girl working there with green eyes. She is really beautiful and god has blessed her with a beautiful soul as well. My little one fell down and the way she offered him some treats was very nice of her. She always has a smile on her face ALWAYS. She’s doing something different than others which does show. She always stuns me out with her exceptional customer service. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GIRL.. zillions of stars for YOU only..

Tyler Weatherall
a month ago

I highly recommend this location. We order from them routinely for our office lunches. They don't lose their cool when they're swamped and food delivery service drivers get impatient, they're professional and polite, the food is delicious. The owner (Soup) and one of the other employees (Elisabeth) stayed open late when I accidentally set the order for "Pick Up" instead of "Delivery" and I didn't realize it. Fantastic service, which explains why they're so often busy.

Courtney Zolciak
2 months ago

I truly loved the way Roman served my meal with so much love. Girl you’re really patient.I knew my boss was being a little rude, but you just rocked us with your 5 star service. Offered us a glass of water and asked how’s everything. Other employees always give something for free but never felt like posting a review. On the other hand ,girl you made me feel extra special with your sweet words only. Thanks girl.

Cassandra Melvin
2 months ago

Only brown girl ( hazel eyes) working there knows the meaning of customer service. Yesterday my order went wrong; which happens and it’s totally alright. I have never seen someone apologizing in the way she did. Offered her some extra tip which she refused to take don’t know why... I could definitely see why is there so many reviews for her only. The best experience I have ever had in my entire girl, she definitely made my day.

hillary beney
3 weeks ago

Had such a lovely experience with the kind staff at Freshii 130th this morning! Great way to start my day. Keep up the good work :)