Ember Lounge

11670 Sarcee Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3R 0A1

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Daniel Moore
a month ago

My girlfriend and I were on our way back to Edmonton and we decided to take a stop here and pop in. What was suppose to be a quick stop turned into a solid two hours due to not only the amazing food but the fantastic staff! Isabella did such a great job taking care of our table and made the day/night even better!

Shrushti Shah
3 weeks ago

Food and ambience were okay, service was really slow. Went on a Friday night, and they only had 2 servers. No drinks menu or any bartender but our server said they could make any cocktail of choice - when gave two options they dint have enough ingredients for either. They later just mixed vodka with water, put a slice of lemon and served for $7. Really disappointed with the attitude of the our server as well.

Jeanette Embree
3 weeks ago

Had a late lunch / early supper here today with my husband. The food was amazing. Best kebab ever. Our waitress was very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended.

a cheema
2 months ago

Been coming here almost every week with friends since they opened. Being a loyal customer to this business tonight was a disappointment. They were dead with nobody inside and they were serving me and five friends and was charged 18% gratuity per bill. Being in the service business myself for years 18% is not charged on a group lower than 10. Bringing this up to the management, they said its always been like this. I was there last week with 6 people and was not charged then. Wonder why they keep losing business! I can take my business where its respected and first rule of any business, value the customer.

Emily James
4 months ago

This time last year I would've given 5 stars and had no problem driving 20 minutes to dine here. However, I'll never again return. They randomly decided to completely eliminate their vegan menu and limited it to about 4 items now. The remaining options seem to have their recipes altered entirely, making it not worth the drive. So disappointing. Used to be one of my go-to places for a good vegan dinner. Guess I'll just stick to my downtown favourites.