Chopped Leaf

3356 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6V1

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(780) 244-2467
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Cynthia Herczeg
a month ago

Great customer service! The workers are fast and efficient and always make me feel very welcomed! A positive environment and the food here is amazing. They use fresh produce and I am never disappointed. I will continue to eat at chopped leaf regularly!

Karmin Skromeda
a month ago

I normally don't post reviews but I've kind of had it with this location. The evil peanut sauce always tastes off, they usually burn my tofu, the washroom is gross. Not to mention this is a prime location and should be doing fairly well financially but they don't give you hardly any peanut dressing and when I order an extra one it comes in an even smaller container.

Sagar Lambhiya
3 months ago

The food quality is really good. Especially the chopped signature salad is one of my favorite salad. U should try it. Warm welcome by employees and awesome service. Thank you TCL staff.

Hirjibhai Panseria
a week ago

Great food. Best customer Service.

Shawn Ginn
5 months ago

Ordered their #4. The picture looked great on the wall. Ordered and then said that is everything. He must of misunderstood because he started trying to sell me everything. As for what I received... Go to save on foods next door and buy a head of lettuce and 3 cherry tomatoes. Boom, you have your salad. I returned the salad at which point the guy started telling me that the salad is exactly like the picture. Lettuce, eight pieces of tomatoes. (Three cherry tomatoes cut into 8) and three pieces of avocado. The picture shows three full slices but I received 3 one inch cubes of avocado. Thanks but no thanks.